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“The Korean Neurosurgical Society, unique as the only neurosurgical society established under the Korean Medical Service Law, constantly strives to advance neurosurgery, putting forth sincere and dedicated efforts to improve medical practice through specialized neurosurgical education and international academic exchange, with the ultimate goal of fostering and enhancing the health of the people.”

History of the Korean Neurosurgical Society

The Korean Neurosurgical Society (KNS) was established in March 1961, and it is the only neurosurgical scientific organization formed under the Korean Medical Service Law. The Korean Neurosurgical Society organizes and executes two separate annual scientific meetings every year.

학회 연혁
1961. 03. 11 Eighteen pioneering neurosurgeons founded the korean Neurosurgical Society(KNS) in Seoul and drafted the KNS constitution.
1961. 10. 29 The inaugural meeting of the KNS was held in Seoul.
1963. 05. 29 Thirty-one neurosurgeons obtained their specialty licenses through the First Korean Neurosurgical Board Examination
1965 The KNS became a member society of AACNS and WFNS.
1972. 10. 31 Journal of the Korean Neurosurgical Society was founded and published its inaugural issue.
1976 Training requirements and educational standards were established for regulation of neurosurgical training hospitals.
1982 The organization of the KNS governance and leadership was changed to a board of directors from the previous council format.
1986. 10 The 25-year history volume of the KNS was published.
1989 The first Text Book of Neurosurgery in Korean was published.
1991. 10. 06 The 8th Asian-Australasian Congress of Neurological Surgery was held in Seoul.
1995. 01. 14 The Korean Neurosurgical Research Foundation was established.
1996 The KNS launched its homepage on the web.
1996. 12. 11 The KNS set up an office at Seocho-dong, Seoul.
2000. 11. 11 The first English-Korean Neurosurgical Terminology Dictionary was published.
2002. 10. 18 The 40-year history volume of the KNS was published.
2003 The Society of Practicing Neurosurgeons was established.
2007. 09. 12 The KNS moved to a new office at Sunhwa-dong.
2007. 11. 20 Seoul was selected as the host city for the 15th WFNS World Congress in 2013.
2008. 03 Journal of the Korean Neurosurgical Society was indexed in the SCI.
2008. 04. 18 The Women’s Neurosurgical Association of Korea was established.
2011. 09. 05 The Korean Academy of Neurological Surgeons was established.
2011. 11 Jeju was selected as the host city for the 14th AACNS World Congress in 2015.
2012. 04. 26 The 50-year history volume of the KNS was published.
2012. 11. 20 Transferring the Seocho-dong office owned by the KNS to the Foundation.
2013. 09. 08 The 15th WFNS World Congress of Neurosurgery was held in Seoul.
2015. 04. 15 The 14th Asian-Australasian Congress of Neurological Surgeons was held in Jeju.
2016. 06 67th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Neurosurgery 1st Joint Meeting with the Korean Neurosurgery Society.
2018. 04 85 training institutes, 3169 members, 5 regional societies and 12 subspecialty societies.

Dedicated Organization with Proven Capacity

- KNS is a scientific and educational association with 3,169 board certified members, 85 Training institutions, 5 regional societies, and 12 subspecialty societies nationwide as of 2018
- KNS has extensive experience in organizing international Congresses