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I would like to express my hearty welcome to the visitors to our website of the Korean Neurosurgical Society. Surpassing all the competing countries, the Korean Neurosurgical Society is named as host of The 15th WFNS World Congress of Neurological Surgery, which will be held in Seoul starting September 8, 2013. Furthermore, the Journal of the Korean Neurosurgical Society was registered as one of the renowned international publications. This society had started in the land devastated with complete destitution and barrenness and could take off to today’s high standard. It was the fruit of efforts of the predecessors for whom patients and hospitals were always considered and given the priority in their lifetime and their spouses who understood and supported them. We are well aware of these facts and I would like to pay my respect to them all.

Korean neurosurgery began as Korean surgeons encountered the Korean War in 1950 and had the opportunity to acquire the knowledge of clinical care of neurosurgical discipline including modernized neurosurgery from foreign neurosurgeons. Subsequently, vigorous advances could be attained in the neurosurgical clinical care through overseas training and clinical experiences by Korean neurosurgeons early on. After going though the quickening period of about ten years, the inaugural general meeting of the Korean Neurosurgical Society was held on the 11th of March, 1961.

As the Korean Neurosurgical Society was established for the first time, systemic progression in neurosurgery as well as nationwide clinical discipline and education for the future neurosurgeons became possible. Currently, this society consists of about two thousand five hundred (2,500) specialist members. It is associated with eighty five (85) training hospitals that prepare future neurosurgeons and has ten (10) neurosurgical subdivisions for in-depth research for various diseases. Owing to much effort put in for the last fifty (50) years, neurosurgeons of the Korean Neurosurgical Society have attained the level of clinical confidence on the par with any neurosurgeons of advanced nations in the world, and have largely contributed in saving lives of patients with brain or spinal diseases, as well as traumatic brain or spinal lesions. Neurosurgeons perform medical and surgical treatment for patients with cerebrovascular disease, brain tumor, disorders of the spine and spinal cord, peripheral nerve disorders, neuralgic pain, epilepsy, head and spinal trauma. Endless efforts are continuously put in for the progression of treatment modalities of the central nervous system diseases which have not yet been overcome because of the distinctive traits of neurosurgical diseases, as well as for minimizing sequelae that could sometimes follow after treatment of neurosurgical patients.

Dear colleagues and fellow citizens! The Korean Neurosurgical Society will concentrate energies and endless efforts to the progression of abilities to control neurological diseases so as to fulfill your expectations in the days ahead. Thank you.

Respectfully submitted,